Course Description

The training will provide education on how to implement the City of Fargo Childcare Physical Activity ordinance, which is now a license renewal standard for the annual Environmental Health Inspection. 

The ordinance standards are:

13-1110 — Physical Activity requirements
60 minutes per day, with 30 of the 60 structured/adult led 

Participants will learn how to implement structured (adult led) and guided physical activity for children age three to five years of age. The class will also provide participants with the knowledge on how to promote moderate to vigorous physical activity, basic movement, creative movement, motor skills development, and general coordination. 

13-111 — Electronic media viewing 
60 minutes per day for two and older, no media for children under two.

Participants will learn what types of educational programs are recommended and how to give and allow children to have options for other activities during media time. 

13-1112 — Beverages
Water easily accessible throughout the day, only 100% fruit juice for 12 months and older, no juice provided to children under 12 months.

Participates will learn how to implement menu changes and sections to reduce or limit juice consumption, and how to encourage children to drink water.

This training meets content area VI: Health, Level 4, competency a,b,d

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how to incorporate the City of Fargo Physical Activity standards into the daily schedule. And learn how to teach structured/adult led physical activity.


  • Hours/Credits/CEUs: 1.00 Hour
  • Tier: Registered - Not for Career Pathways Placement
  • Course Type: Approved Clock Hours
  • Course Category: Early Childhood
  • Applies Toward: General Course 
  • Core Competency Areas: Health, Safety, and Nutrition (2 Hours) 
  • CDA Subject Areas: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment (2 Hours)

Who is this Course For?

  • Directors of child care facilities
  • Center staff of child care facilities
  • Family/Group who care for children
  • Infant or toddler child care providers
  • Preschool staff

What Ages are Addressed in this Course? 

  • Infants (0 - 18 months) 
  • Toddlers (19 - 36 months) 
  • Three Year Olds (37 - 48 months) 
  • Four Year Olds (49 - 60 months) 
  • Five Year Olds (61 - 72 months)

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Welcome and Training Overview

  • 2

    Part 1: Education & Physical Activity

    • Part 1: Education & Physical Activity

    • Why was the Child Care Physical Activity Health Code adopted in our communities?

    • Obesity trends

    • How is physical activity defined?

    • Benefits of physical activity

    • Difference between structured vs unstructured physical activities

    • An example of an adult-led moderate to vigorous physical activity

    • Tips and routines for instructing physical activity

    • An example of leading an activity safely and usingclear instructions

    • Age, skill, and space appropriate activities

    • Sedentary activity

    • Tummy Time

    • Documentation

    • Part 1: Quick review

  • 3

    Part 2: Screen Time

    • Part 2: Screen Time

    • What does the health code state about screen time?

    • Quick review

  • 4

    Part 3: Beverages

    • Part 3: Beverages

    • What does the health code state about beverages?

    • Quick review

  • 5

    Conclusion - Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    • Quick review

    • Growing Futures Website

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